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Egeria Research is revolutionizing the way that grant discovery and grant funding strategy work takes place. We leverage the latest tools from OpenGrants and exceptional training to deliver incredible results in a cost effective and efficient way.Our team has deep experience in California, Florida and New York. With over ten years of experience managing strategy for everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies, we are here to give you deep insights into Federal, State and Local government grants as well as foundations and corporate grant funding opportunities.

I am a...Guide. Strategic Funding Expert. Professional Human Being.

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Looking to dive into strategy, talk through proposal development or get other grant funding related support?Use the link below to book some time with me. I am accessible in other, non-paywalled ways, this link is specifically for meetings where I will be doing pre-work and dellivering some specific value and insights.

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Why Grants?

Grant funding is one of the only forms of capital that is not tied to economic outcomes. It is essential for tackling the worlds largest problems

The Future of Grant Funding

Modern. Efficient.

We are seeing the future of economic ecosystems being created right now. Lets make sure its inclusive and equitable.

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